An interesting meeting in Lisbon

On October 14 and 15 ASQ Global organised a meeting of the European country counselors for the third time in a row. After Athens and Berlin, the meeting was now held in Lisbon. An excellent choice with a lot of thanks to our host Paulo Sampaio, CC for Portugal. In total 14 CC's participated in the event led by GAC (Global Advisory Council) co-chairs Eric Hayler and Benito Flores and ASQ Global Managing Director Andrew Baines. Off course all the real work was done by ASQ Global staff members Rena...
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MSA – QTIP: small measurement error but failing MSA criteria

A very common problem in Measurement Systems Analysis is that a measurement system fails the criteria for %GRR compared to Total Variation and ndc (number of distinct categories), despite the fact that it has a very low absolute measurement error. This is very often due to low variation in the parts used for the MSA study. Our recommendation: always calculate %GRR compared to tolerance width and/or compared to a known historical process variation.

ISO 9001: the next time in readable English, please.

ISO and all national standard institutions make a fortune out of the ISO 9001 standard. Is it then really asking too much to deliver a readable text? A text in real English and not in ISO English, a text that can be understood by anyone of normal mental capacity. So an urgent request for the next version: do not change the content but have an editor with language skills do his or her job. Thanks in advance.

September 2016 – Kick-Off Lerend Netwerk Kwaliteit

It was an honor and a pleasure to be the keynote speaker at the official starting meeting of the Lerend Netwerk Kwaliteit (LNK) of VOKA West-Vlaanderen. This brilliant imitative brings together quality mangers and lets them decide what topics they want to talk about in 5 sessions. VOKA is then looking to have the best specialists present at the meetings to introduce the topic. A great way to learn and to network. QS Consult gave an adapted version of our presentation at the EOQ congress in Helsi...

FMEA – QTIP: how can we make the scoring process more efficient?

FMEA is a time consuming activity and one of the reasons for that are discussions on the scores. To speed up the scoring process , QS Consult has the following tip: if the range of the individual scores is 3 or lower, take the mean, round to the integer and fill in this number. For an estimation of risk this is accurate enough. If the range is 4 or higher the score needs to be discussed by the team.