Bill Troy on Leadership – Kwinta conference – Antwerp

As part of the Kwinta conference VCK, in cooperation with the American Chamber of Commerce, organized a lunch where Bill Troy, CEO of ASQ, gave a presentation on leadership and more specifically on "caring leadership". Bill looked back at his long military career and all the leadership experiences that he had there and the lessons he had learned on leadership. His conclusion was powerful in its simplicity: a leader can only be a good leader if he really cares about the people surrounding...
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Lost in Translation …?

In a series of columns on quality we have to mention Japan. I've been there only once but I was overwhelmed by the country and the people. In 2005 I gave a lecture at the "International Conference on Quality" in Tokyo. As is often the case with conferences in Japan you could add an additional week filled with visits to Japanese model companies. Spending two whole weeks with quality specialists seemed a little too much for me but on the other hand: travelling that far just for the conference was ...