5S Workshop

Both in Lean and in  TPM 5S is often mentioned as the first step to take. Order and cleanliness are necessary conditions for qualitative and safe work. As with many Lean tools, the theory behind 5S is limited. The vital part is to implement the system and most of all to maintain it. Getting the factory clean is not difficult, keeping it clean seems to be a near impossibility for many companies.

In this in-house workshop theory is immediately applied in practice. Participants are divided in two or three groups and during the workshop they will apply steps 1 to 3 on a work station in the factory. This enhances the learning effect but it also gives an immediate input to the process owners of possible improvements. 

Workshop content

  • Introduction and history
  • The five pillars of 5S
    • Sort
      • Application on work station
    • Straighten
      • Application on work station
    • Shine
      • Application on work station
    • Standardize
    • Sustain
  • Set up action plan for implementation

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