About Us

Quality Solutions Consult (QS Consult) was founded by Willy Vandenbrande in 1995. Until today it is a one-person-business but through contacts with many colleagues (also internationally) we can offer a large area of competencies. 

From our technical background (civil engineer metallurgy – State University Ghent - RUG 1978) we have always been very interested in statistics and tools for process improvement. Work experience in research and development (RUG) and in production and quality (Spicer Off Highway Components) have kept this interest alive. 

As a consultant for the consultancy agency Procim vzw I have helped many companies in achieving ISO 9001 certification. This has given us a broader view on quality management. 

QS Consult has very good contacts in the international quality world. I am a member of ASQ (American Society for Quality) since 1991 and in 2006 I became (as first and only Belgian so far) ASQ Fellow. I am also the ASQ country counselor for Belgium.

In 2016 I became an Associate Academician of the International Academy for Quality, a global organization of distinguished quality professionals.

QS Consult regularly presents at international congresses like the EOQ congress (European Organization for Quality) and the WCQI (World Conference on Quality and Improvement) organized by ASQ. But we have also presented in Latin and South-America (Mexico, Ecuador) and Japan.

Our work is aimed at making people stronger, because quality is more than a set of tools. It is a striving for improvement, a way of working together. 

Quality systems can play a part in that if implemented in a sensible way. Six Sigma and Lean can add to that if adapted to the needs and possibilities of the organization. 

There is no such thing a s a standard organization, so the guiding principle through our activities is: "Adapt, do not adopt"

Evaluate what is useful for your organization and implement it in a way that fits your company culture. QS Consult will be glad to help you. 

Willy Vandenbrande