An interesting meeting in Lisbon

On October 14 and 15 ASQ Global organised a meeting of the European country counselors for the third time in a row. After Athens and Berlin, the meeting was now held in Lisbon. An excellent choice with a lot of thanks to our host Paulo Sampaio, CC for Portugal. In total 14 CC's participated in the event led by GAC (Global Advisory Council) co-chairs Eric Hayler and Benito Flores and ASQ Global Managing Director Andrew Baines. Off course all the real work was done by ASQ Global staff members Renata Lerch, Cynthia Nazario and Lauren Singer.

Several topics emerged and there was a lot of intense discussion. The enthusiasm of the European CC's for ASQ and quality remains extremely high and the presence of a number of new participants gave the meeting an extra boost. The next step will be to turn the action plans into reality. 

A guided tour through old Lisbon and a diner with Fado music was an excellent finish to two wonderful days. 

Rossio, the beating heart of the city

Enjoying the Portuguese Cuisine

In action presenting ASQ in Belgium with an attentive Danuth Iorga (Romania)

Return flight on the SN Rackham, the TinTin plane!