Best Paper Award

Every year IAQ hands out a couple of “Best Paper Awards” . This is decided by an IAQ moderator at an international conference or by the editor of an IAQ publication. Criteria are: quality of the presentation and acceptance by the audience, innovative value of the subject, expansion of the Quality Body of Knowledge and the extend to which the presentation can inspire other quality  professionals.

During the general assembly of IAQ in Bled, Slovenia on October 14, I was honored to receive a “Best Paper Award” for the second year in a row. The certifcate was given by Pal Molnar (IAQ president - left) and Janak Mehta (IAQ Chair of Trustees - right). 

The Award was given for my presentation: “The Ultimate Competitive Advantage: Sustainability” that was given at the WCQI congress in May this year in Charlotte, NC. A great honor and a motivation to continue to give inspirational and motivational presentations in the future.