Condition Management

Condition Management is a structured method to design, install and maintain processes using various quality methods and leading to:

  • A process that fulfills all requirements from the start;
  • Availability at the start of all that is needed to continuously fulfill all requirements (trained people, documentation, systems for control and maintenance);
  • Continual improvement by using and embedding knowledge, creating a truly learning organization.

Condition Management was developed in cooperation with Volvo Cars Ghent, as part of their Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) program.


Defining and Managing Conditions

Like all our courses in Lean & TPM this training is a mix of theory and application. However, compared to the introductory courses on Lean and on TPM, this course is much more specific. We expect the participants to have chosen a project before the start of the course that they will use to apply the theory immediately. In that respect this training can be compared to our Six Sigma training courses. The training runs over a period of 4 to 6 months following the steps of the methodology. In between the training sessions, participants work on their project.



Training program 

  • Step 1: introduction and functions and specifications - 1 day 
  • Step 2: system diagram - 0.5 day
  • Step 3: Failure Mode and Effects Analysis - 1 day
  • Step 4: Adapting the design - 0.5 day
  • Step 5: From FMEA to X-matrix - 1 day
  • Step 6: From X-matrix to M-matrix - 1 day
  • Step 7: Execute, learn and improve - 0.5 day
  • Final presentation - 0,5 day 

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