Executive Workshop

Lean Six Sigma is still seen as a difficult and heavy program directed at large organizations. This idea is no longer valid; every organization can improve by applying Lean Six Sigma within the possibilities and in line with its company culture. 

The overall size of the complete Lean Six Sigma program will off course be a lot smaller in a smaller organization. This means that less time is needed to develop a Six Sigma infrastructure and that the management of the company will be much closer to the execution of the projects. There are less resources available, so it is even more important to apply them efficiently: do you really need a Black Belt and how many people are best trained to Green Belt? 

In short: better safe than sorry! Our workshop helps you to do just that. You are given an insight into the principles and the methodology of Lean Six Sigma. We focus on problem solving and the profits that come from that but we also talk about an aspect that is not so much dealt with: increasing the potential of your people. 

The second part of the workshop consists of developing your own action plan for Lean Six Sigma. At the end of the day you not only have an insight into the possibilities of Lean Six Sigma for your organization but also a plan with the next steps best to take in the process. 

Program : 

  • Introduction
    • History of Lean Six Sigma
  • Basic principles
    • Lean
    • Six Sigma
    • Integration to Lean Six Sigma
  • Define – Measure – Analyse – Improve – Control (DMAIC)
    • DMAIC and accompanying tools
    • DMAIC as management guideline
  • Starting with Lean Six Sigma
    • The various roles in Lean Six Sigma
    • Do not adopt, adapt!
  • Create an action plan
    • Role of management
    • Communication plan
    • Training plan
    • First  project selection