Potential Failure Mode and Effects Analysis – FMEA

There are many tools for risk analysis but FMEA is among the most used, partly because it is a mandatory technique within the automotive sector. FMEA can be applied during product or process design and each failure mode is split up into 3 risk elements, that are evaluated separately but in combination lead to a Risk Priority Number that will define priorities for actions. 

The three risk elements are:

  • How serious are the consequences when the failure mode occurs? SEVERITY
  • How often do we expect this to happen? OCCURRENCE
  • What controls are in place to detect that the failure mode has occurred? DETECTION

The QS Consult one day FMEA course is very practical. As so often, the theory is not complex but the practical application can be. That is why during the training the participants will execute an FMEA study an own of their own processes or products. In that way they will learn how FMEA can be a great preventive tool in their organization. 

Paragraph 6.1 of ISO 9001:2015 – Actions to address risks and opportunities - will undoubtedly lead to an increased attention to tools for risk analysis. That means also more interest in FMEA can be expected. A remark on this: in many cases process risks can be can be evaluated in a more simple way than through FMEA. An exmaple is given in the figure below. 


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