Keynote speech at the Kwinta Congress in Ghent

Under the title “Does Measuring Matter?” the Kwinta Congress of 2017 took place on 28 November at the ICC in Ghent. The emphasis was on measuring, but it was also made clear that not all measuring leads to knowledge.

In our keynote speech “Quality by Quantity – Absurdism in the 21st Century” the quality of life was the focal point. Do we always find the right balance and above all: do we choose the right priorities? And what about our economic system that is fully based on growth, while our main societal problems (mobility, obesity, climate) are all caused by “too much”. The idea that we can continue like this in the future, is equal to wanting to accept reality. The 21st century must become the century of quality and to achieve that we need to look for systems that offer quality of life to everyone, without increasing the total quantity.

We have received a lot of nice comments on this presentation. Thanks again to Kwinta for the invitation and to the public for their kind attention.