Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Introduction and objective

The QS Consult course “Lean Six Sigma Black Belt” is based on the Body Of Knowledge (BOK) defined by the American Society For Quality (ASQ). However, it is not a copy of that BOK. Based on our 30 year plus experience with process improvement and to increase the practical application of Lean Six Sigma, we omitted some less interesting tools but have added or expanded some other methods.

The objective of our course is to give the participants all the necessary theoretical knowledge of Lean Six Sigma and to help them with their first application of the method. In the this way the investment in the training is immediately turned into a profit thanks to the benefits of the first project.


The training consists of theory, examples and exercises linked with practical work and support with the projects. The focus in the theory is on the DMAIC-cycle (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control) wherein elements of Lean have been integrated. In the last session DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) is introduced.

The training consists of six sessions of three days each. The content by session is as follows:

  • Session 1
    • Introduction
    • Enterprise wide deployment
    • Process Management
    • Team Management
    • Six Sigma Define
  • Session 2
    • Six Sigma Measure
  • Session 3
    • Six Sigma Analyze – part 1
  • Session 4
    • Six Sigma Analyze – part 2
    • Six Sigma Improve – part 1
  • Session 5
    • Six Sigma Improve – part 2
    • Six Sigma Control
  • Session 6
    • Design For Six Sigma (DFSS)

The training material is in English. The training is normally given in Dutch or English, depending on the participants. Individual discussions on projects can be done in Dutch, English or French. The QS Consult course material is available in electronic form and can be used freely within the customers organization.

On overview of the quality tools by project phase can be found by clicking on the figure below.

Planning and arrangements

The training is spread out over a period of 6 to 9 months. To this the time needed to finish the project has to be added. Ideally the total throughput time is limited to 12 months.

To allow maximum interactivity and personal support the number of participants is limited to ten.

During the training MINITAB is used as supporting statistical software. Participants need to use their own laptop with MINITAB or another statistical software package. .

QS Consult Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate

The requirements to obtain the QS Consult Six Sigma Black Belt certificate are:

  • Be present in all lessons and actively participate;
  • Present and defend a case study project that has been worked on during the lessons;
  • Succeed for the multiple choice tests taken during the training. If you do not have the required 60 %, a retake exam is available;
  • Succesfully finish a Six Sigma project and present it to QS Consult and top management.

An example certificate is shown below.

273 figuur 2