Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

The well known Pareto principle is also valid within Six Sigma: with 20% of the available quality tools, 80% of the problems can be tackled. In our Green Belt course this 20% is what we are talking about. Off course everything is structured according to the standard Define - Measure - Analyse - Improve - Control cycle of Six Sigma.

The true value of any Six Sigma training lies in the application of the theory on a project in your own organization. For this in-house training we expect the participants (working in pair is possible) to work on a project. The training consists of five days of class room theory and exercises plus the project presentation. As indicated the content follows the DMAIC project approach of Six Sigma.

  • Day 1: Introduction and Define
  • Day 2: Measure
  • Day 3: Analyse
  • Day 4: Improve
  • Day 5: Control
  • Day 6: Project presentation

Click on the figure below to get an overview of the tools of the course (in Dutch).

The QS Consult Six Sigma Green Belt certificate will be obtained when a participant was present at all lessons and finished a project successfully. During the training we will discuss the projects and give support were needed.