Lean & TPM Consulting


Lean & TPM cover a large area of activities from developing a general view and a strategy at executive level down to defining in what way a certain bearing can best be lubricated. As a consequence the consulting of QS Consults on these topics can be very varied and adapted to the organization in question. 

We support management by making clear what Lean is and what the consequences are of going for a Lean strategy. We can develop an implementation plan with the leadership team. But we can also help in the operational aspect of Lean. Our contribution is especially valid in the starting phase of a Lean journey when changes are big and resistance to these changes always a possibility. 

Because Lean is a philosophy and a way of working, it can only survive and thrive if it is embedded in your company culture. QS Consult will not "do" Lean "for you" but "with you" with the clear objective to put as much weight on internal shoulders as fast as possible. External help can be great but the drive for the program must come from within the company.  


You can implement condition management into your organization by sending one of your employees to our Condition Management training course. Another possibility is to implement it by applying it to a new process under the guidance of QS Consult. In team with your project engineers and the machine supplier(s) we will determine critical conditions and set-up a maintenance program that will make sure conditions are controlled at optimum settings. 

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