Lean & TPM

Lean and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) have a common view on organizational management. The objective is to put energy in activities that create value for the customer and doing this with maximum efficiency, safety and quality. In this striving Lean offers the more general philosophy and approach while TPM focuses more on the optimization of the production equipment. 

The slogan “Lean and Mean” has given these methods a negative aspect. They have been associated with lay-offs and increased work pressure that is completely in contrast to the original thought that the well being of the people should be the primary goal for the organization. A global system has been reduced to a cost saving program. That is also why “eliminate waste” (what the Japanese call muda) is much more emphasized than “increase value”. This may look like a semantic discussion but it discloses a totally different vision. 

In all our training programs and consulting on Lean and TPM, QS Consult will always promote the positive view on people. 

Activities related to Lean are often directed from logistics and purchasing. But quality is an integral part of it because to be able to introduce Lean in the supply chain an extremely high level of process control is required. As an example: by reducing stock levels problems emerge.  
In quality we are obsessed by efficiency, doing things as good as possible. In Lean we ask ourselves first the question of what we should do to add value and only afterwards we will look at how to do it best. 

In Total Productive Maintenance the maintenance aspect is the focal point, but TPM can be much more than just a maintenance system. The prime objective is to have a production equipment that is available and producing good parts at the required speed. But it can be expanded to an overall production strategy that focuses on the involvement of all personnel in an environment where all available knowledge is used to improve everything we do. To implement it successfully it is a must that the management of the company has faith in it's people. It is based on decentralization and integration of tasks.

The training programs offered by QS Consult on Lean and TPM are introduced below. Keep in mind that Lean and TPM fundamentally consist of implementing and maintaining relatively simple systems. Our courses are just a first step in the direction of implementation and as such they are closely linked to our consulting activities. 

You will get more details by clicking on the appropriate icons. The integration of Lean with Six Sigma to Lean Six Sigma is discussed extensively in Six Sigma.

Lean Introduction
workshop to understand the underlying principles of Lean and to develop an implementation plan for your company
TPM Introduction
workshop teaching you the essence of TPM, how to setup an OEE measurement and how to introduce and develop TPM in your company
Condition Management
starting up a new process without any problems and permanently keeping it under control, is that possible? With condition management you have a good chance of achieving just that!
5S workshop
you want to start slowly with Lean and TPM but with visible impact on the factory floor? Than this 5S workshop is ideal for you.