Management Systems Consulting


When you know what tasks need to be done to set-up and implement a sound quality management system, it is much easier to do so. In a gap analysis we evaluate the current situation of the company in relation to the relevant Quality management standard. We talk to your people, look at documents and observe the activities. The end result is an action plan with an estimation of the resources and time needed to finish the job and with some tips for improvement.  


An important requirement of all system standards is to have an internal audit system. Setting up such a system is part of our implementation consulting and we also have a training course for internal auditors. Apart from that QS Consult can also act as an “internal" auditor for you. It is required that internal audits are performed in an objective way. In small companies generally the quality department (or the quality manager) performs many audits but auditing quality and leadership can be a problem. That is where QS Consult can help. 


Following the gap analysis, QS Consult can also support you with the development and implementation of the quality management system. In this case it is an absolute necessity that there is an internal project leader appointed. We will support this project leader in all aspects of his task on implementing a quality management system. Our most important contribution is to come to the best possible methods to combine optimal quality control with maximum efficiency. 


Do you have a separate management system for quality, safety and the environment? Are you wondering if this cannot be made a bit more efficient? Then we should sit together and look how we can help you to make this integration as smooth as possible. We don't just look at the integration of documents but also at the process of strategy defining. An integration of management systems can have far reaching consequences for an organization if you want to get the best possible results coming from the exercise. Tools like SWOT, PEST, Hoshin-Kanri or Balanced Scorecard can help you formulating an integrated strategy and deploy this throughout the organization.