Participation in conferences

From October 2019 to January 2020, we participated in three conferences where we gave four presentations.

At the EOQ congress in Lisbon, Portugal we had two presentations. The first was within the general conference program and talked about the use of SPC (Statistical Process Control) as a management tool. The main ideas of this presentation can also be found in the article we published in Quality Progress of February 2020. You can read more about this in our post about publications.

We gave a second presentation in the session organized by IAQ (International Academy for Quality) together with fellow academician N. Ramanathan from India. This was the presentation of a white paper that will be published shortly by IAQ and that talks about the link between quality and sustainability.

In December we participated in the third World Quality Forum of IAQ in Shanghai, China. There our  topic was "agile quality" and we talked about the necessary link between agile and agilty on the one hand and quality and quality management on the other. Two worlds that are still quite separate from each other today but that urgently need mutual cross-pollination.

Finally, in January 2020, we were in Tallinn, Estonia, to contribute to a conference day on flow.

There too, our contribution was focused on agile quality and the changes needed in the mentality of quality professionals in order to become more flexible in a rapidly changing environment.



The participants reacted very positively to all these presentations. All described presentations can be obtained in pdf format on a simple request via the contact form.