Six Sigma Consulting

QS Consult can help you with several aspects of the implementation and application of Six Sigma in your organization. We always take into account your situation, your company culture and the available resources within the organization. This is very important when introducing Six Sigma because we have seen so many cases of overkill. Our long experience with quality also allows us to guide you in integrating Six Sigma with other systems. 

Our consulting in Six Sigma can be split up into a strategical and an operational aspect. 


QS Consult supports the company management in developing a Six Sigma strategy. With the management team we define the best way to implement Six Sigma so chances of success are maximized and the program fits within the overall strategy. We propose the best suited training program and help with the selection of the first projects and the first project leaders. We follow-up the results and make adjustments where needed. 

Apart from that we can also help you in developing the overall company strategy. Using tools like SWOT, SWOT, PEST, Hoshin-Kanri or Balanced Scorecard we come to a sound strategy linked to concrete action plans.   


The renowned training courses of QS Consult in the field of Six Sigma can play a major part in turning the Six Sigma strategy into reality. We also often participate in the evaluation of Six Sigma projects (QS Consult takes up the role of Master Black Belt) and in that way we support the project leaders (Green or Black Belts). Especially at the start of a Six Sigma program this can make the difference between success and failure.

QS Consult can also take up the role of Black Belt – project leader. In that case we bring the methodological knowledge and the company provides the technical knowledge. These are each time unique projects that - off course - are treated as confidential.