A New-Year speech on quality? Starting up a quality program with a bit of fun? Relate quality to sustainable development? Promote Out-Of-The-Box quality thinking? 

Over the years QS Consult has given several speeches at congresses all over the world. They bring a new, fresh and often thought provoking view on various aspects of quality management and sustainable development. Together with you we look at the points that you want to focus on and we turn them into a fascinating, fun and learning occasion.

To give you an idea of the topics of our presentations, you can have a look at this overview of the most important speeches we have given the last couple of years. If you want to know more about any of these presentations, feel free to contact us

Some comments from attendees …

“I wished I could stay here and listen to it all over again”
“Thought Provoking”
“On point and from the heart”
“He is a dynamic, down to earth speaker”
“This speech was the highlight of the conference for me”
“This was the best presentation on quality I have heard in my entire life”
“Profound speech”
“What if … someone explained in half an hour what I have been thinking about over the last 30 years?”
“Very good presentation: informative and entertaining”
“Thank you for your presentation”