Sustainable Development


Until now QS Consult does not offer training courses related to sustainable development. However, it is our intention to change this in the near future and to focus more on sustainability because this will become the basis to judge all human activity. Business excellence and Total Quality Management are just tools to support sustainability: only on a healthy planet a healthy economy can thrive. 

We have expressed our deep concern about the sustained viability of the planet in several presentations worldwide and in articles and columns. QS Consult is also an active member of the "Quality in Planet Earth Concerns Think Tank" (QiPECTT) of the International Academy for Quality (IAQ). With this international group of distinguished quality professionals we are working on systems to use the power of quality in helping to safeguard the environment.  This work will also generate ideas that we will turn into training courses related to sustainability.

In the mean time you can get an idea of our vision on sustainability through the poster below. "A New Paradigm: Quality of All Life" received the Best Poster Award at the World Quality Forum in Budapest, Hungary.