TPM Introduction

Lean and TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) start from the same principle: offer value to the customer by reducing waste and losses and by giving people the possibility to use their knowledge. Originally directed at the maintenance of the production equipment,  TPM evolved (mainly led by the Japanese Institute for Plant Maintenance - JIPM) to a global management system for the entire organization. TPM takes over the role of Lean as overall philosophy. In that respect, the term World Class Manufacturing (WCM) is also used an can be seen as the final goal for TPM.  

The QS Consult TPM workshop is a lot more modest in its ambition. We aim to give participants a clear view on the basics of TPM and the possibilities of implementation. We also position TPM within several other systems. The workshop ends with a panel discussion trying to set up an action plan for the introduction of TPM.


  • Introduction and history
  • Definition of TPM
  • Philosophy and requirements
  • The TPM pilars
  • Losses and OEE measurement (Overall Equipment Efficiency)
  • TPM in relation to other systems
    • Lean
    • Quality management systems
  • Implementing TPM
    • General
    • In your organization

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