The people are the company. The strength of the company is the combined knowledge of it's people. The future of that company is the ability to keep, increase and renew that knowledge. 
That is where QS Consult can help you. We offer training programs that are not only at a high theoretical level but that are given in a fun way and linked with practical applications. QS Consult does not organize public training but we often appear as trainer for institutions like Allanta vzw, Mutandiss, IFBD, BEMAS, ...and others.  The subjects that we teach in these open courses are all available through QS Consult as in-house training sessions. 

Our main motto is based on Sophocles:

“One must learn by doing. Even if you think can do something, you will only know for sure when you have actually tried it.”

Exercise during training are one way of practicing but even more important is the direct application (preferably during the training period) of the new knowledge on a project in your own environment. That is the best way to get the knowledge embedded and to get the most out of the training investment. It is generally said that companies do not invest enough in training but at the same time a lot of money is spend on acquiring knowledge that is never used. We have described our approach as "The TICA Principle".

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Fo all our in-house training courses the following is valid:

  • The content can be adapted to the specific requirements of the customer;
  • We limit the number of participants to 12 to guarantee sufficient interaction during the course sessions;
  • Every participant can always contact us after the training if he or she has problems with the application of the method. Very often we can help through a phone call or a short E-mail and there are no costs related to this service in that case.